About sweet treat 311

What We Want to Achieve

Public Interest Incorporated Association sweet treat 311 was founded by a group of individuals passionate about making
a positive difference in the lives of children living in areas affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
Currently, we are centering our activities in Ogatsu-cho, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi. Through experiential learning opportunities focused on the local people, we hope to contribute to the recovery of the entire region.
We believe that compassion is the key to the recovery of Ishinomaki.
Until the day that the children of Tohoku can embark on their own future, sweet treat 311 is putting their full efforts behind rebuilding communities affected by the Great Earthquake. Together with local individuals and the support of corporations and individuals across the nation, we would like to continue to make a difference in the region.

Our Mission

sweet treat 311 started as an organization distributing hot food and sweets to individuals affected by the March 2011 earthquake. Focusing on emergency shelters and isolated areas in Ishinomaki city and Miyagi prefecture, we are continuing our activities through educational support to children in the area.

Our thoughts, to provide "the most well-rounded education for the children that live in the most difficult environment in Japan", in line with the citizens of Ogatsu, Ishinomaki, are slowly but steadily developing our initiatives to benefit the children of the region. In addition, we are striving to bring together and rebuild the community by creating a learning environment with the resources and people of Ogatsu. 

Thoughts behind the sweet treat 311 logo

We believe that each child has a uniqueness to their personality.
The adults that interact with the children are unique as well.
We provide the children with various experiences, from local to international,
fishing to farming.
We hope that the children we teach will have diverse and fruitful futures.
By going beyond black and white boundaries, we hope the children have a bright future.
We want the children to desire to have a meaningful life.
That is our thought behind the logo.
The colors in the logo are representative of different things: 
The red represents the sun. Navy, the ocean. Green, the forest. Lightblue,
the sky. Brown, the earth.

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Current Initiatives

Taking Steps Towards the Future

Since 2012, we have opened “Ogatsu Academy” a multi-purpose learning facility to provide experiential learning programs for
local children. We strongly believe that children benefit from learning in a variety of settings to realize their growth potential.
Through Ogatsu Academy and the help of local people, we have successfully organized hiking, fishing, farming, forestry, and cultural activities focused on their unique environment. We also accept participants from outside of the local community to increase awareness of the Ogatsu region throughout the nation.

Farming and Fishery program

In order to develop children's skill to live, we create a learning environment with the resources and farmer and fisher of Ogatsu.We provides the opportunities for
children to seize and harvest rice,vegetables,fishes,shellfish,seaweed. In addition,these opportunitues produce the couse to develop and strengthen “sense of localism” and passion to continuously seek the recovery and revitalization of the Tohoku area.

Forestry nature experience

We produce forestry nature experience for children by using a large hill surrounded by beautiful nature, but, substantial maintenance of ground behind the temple.
Specialists on forestry nature experience manage these program, and give
camp,thinning,afforestation experience and opportunities to learn circulation of water to children.

IT program

In order to produce people who commit industrial creation in Tohoku, we give
children original IT program (Software development, documentation, making
digital photo album)
For example, in Ogatsu or the large hill , we usually produce “IT Camp” in which children take movies of their city,sea,forest and etc ,and edit these movies.

“After school”(study support)

We produce environment to study, do homework for children who don't have
environment to study in temporary buildings but desire to study in order to
success in high school entrance examination.
To have them get habit to study usually, We support them individually with
teachers who teached them at their cram schools in Ogatsu.

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Your Support Will Help Us Make a Difference

sweet treat 311 organizes experiential learning events for children in the natural environment of Ogatsu. We are collecting donations to plan fishing, farming, cultural and cooking experiential learning programs for children.
Please help us provide the best learning opportunities in Japan to the children in the most difficult circumstances in Japan.
Your donations will help give children the hope and courage to recognize their full potential.
We are gratefully accepting donations through the bank accounts below. Your help is very much appreciated.

Donation Account Information

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